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    Bees, wasps, and all other insects in bottles are a thing of the past!

    swollen lips?

    not with us!

    Beerwilly protects your drink from bees, wasps, bumblebees, and hornets. Simply clip your Beerwilly to the bottleneck and he will automatically close the opening of the bottle.


    As your best friend, he protects your drink from insects with his life!

    No insect will crawl unnoticed
    in your bottle anymore!

    However, Beerwilly is attentive:

    as soon as you take the bottle in your hand, he opens automatically. In his tireless fight against insects, he never loses sight of your thirst. If he notices that you want to take a sip, he opens the cap automatically, yes magically!


    The best part?


    He will never disturb you while you are drinking! The cap opens so wide that even the largest nose has room without being touched. Almost unnoticed, it closes again all by itself as soon as you have stilled your thirst.

    Not only does Beerwilly protect you from stings, but it also saves bees from drowning!

    Bee 4

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